If you are taking a class of psychology or other behavioral or social science, at some point, you’ll be asked to write a paper or an essay in APA format. But what does it mean? APA format is the official style of the American Psychological Association. It is commonly used to quote newspaper and magazine articles in text of student papers. APA style may seem to be rather confusing as compared to other formatting methods, such as MLA or Chicago style. However, this format is very important in psychology and other related sciences as its consistency gives readers a clear understanding of what to expect in a paper, and where to look for this information.

While APA’s guidelines apply to many aspects of formatting (such as headings, spelling, spacing, abbreviations, use of graphics, etc.), the requirements of this style to citing might seem to be especially tricky and daunting. In every APA style paper, you are expected to cite at least five journal or newspaper articles.

Notations included in an APA paper are called in-text citations. According to APA standards, you should identify where each citation was found. To do so, in the text of your research paper you need to provide the name of the author who you quote, followed by the publication date of the work (its year, months and date). If you put the name and the date in parenthesis, separated by commas, it is a parenthetical citation. You can as well put the author of the quote in the narrative of a sentence and state the date of publication in a parenthesis; this is called a narrative citation.

In this guide, we provide examples of a few most common forms of citing.

How to Cite an Online Newspaper Article in APA?

Today, citing Internet periodicals becomes more popular than citing those in print. Here’s how you write an in-text citation from a website newspaper in your APA paper.

Format: Lastname, F.M. (Year, Month Date). Article title. Newspaper title. Retrieved from URL

Example: Robertson, G.R. (2016, August 14). The symptoms and risks of teen depression. The New York Times. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/

Tip: Provide the URL of a site’s homepage when the web version of the cited article can be found by on-site search. This way you’ll avoid giving a nonworking URL.

How to Cite an Online Journal Article APA Style?

The form of citing an online journal is similar to that of an online newspaper.

Format: Last, F. M. (Year Published). Title of article: Subtitle if any. Name of Journal, Volume Number (Issue Number if given). Retrieved from URL

Example: Broady, J.N. (2012). New chapter of the world literature. The Literature Guide, 5(48).  Retrieved from https://www.jstor.org/

How to Cite an Article with Multiple Authors APA Style?

When you’re citing just one author, provide their last name, put a comma, and give the initial of the first and middle name (if it’s presented).

Example: Lastname, A.B.

Tetcher, K.

When citing two authors, write their names in the same format as with one author. Put “and” between their names for narrative citation and ampersand “&” for parenthetical citation.

Example: Newman, J.C. and Lesly, T.H.

(Newman, J.C. and Lesly, T.H.)

When citing more than two authors, write the names as in the same format above. Separate each with commas.

Example: Baxter, D., Smith, C.B., Klein, R.N., Lewis, S. and/& Kelly, K.M. (1990).

Tip: Write the word “and” or put “&” before the name of the last author.

How to Cite an Article with No Author in APA?

If an article you cite has no author, start with the title of this article, put the date of its publication, source, and URL (for online resources).

Example: Sources of creativity in everyday life. (2018, July 24). Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from https://www.chicagotribune.com/

Now You Know How to Cite an Article Using APA Format Correctly!

As you can see, there are many nuances to keep in mind when writing your paper in APA format. It may seem rather difficult and quite confusing at first sight. Yet, once you pass through this challenge several times, you will most definitely be able to act in a non-cognitive mode. If you still keep having hard times when citing in APA format, be sure to have our guide at hand in order not to miss out anything. Alternatively, you can contact professional writers for editing, proofreading, and formatting help. Fortunately, there are dozens if not hundreds of online services that would gladly go through your paper or reference list for a reasonable fee.