An article review both evaluates and summarizes an article of another writer. When assigned to students, it introduces them to expert work in a particular field. However, an article review is not just a type of academic essay – written by experts, it reviews the works of other professionals.

An article review may seem confusing to the students who were assigned to it for the first time. Do you wonder how to write an academic article review for college but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! With our pro tips, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to score an A.

What Is a Review Article and What Does It Include?

As mentioned above, an article review is a type of written work that combines the elements of a summary and evaluative analysis. To create an accurate and detailed summation, you need to understand the key arguments and points of an article that is to be reviewed.

A review of an article always addresses the audience that has a deep knowledge of a subject. To write a review, you’ll need to summarize the article’s arguments, ideas, findings, and positions, and after – to critique its effectiveness and contribution into the field of academia. The critique should be based on the proofs, as well as on your thoughtful reasoning.

When writing a review of an article, all you’re supposed to do is respond to the research of its author; you don’t provide any new researches. New data is only involved to correct the misleading points, if any.

Writing an Article Review: How to Prepare to Do the Job the Right Way

Preparation for the process of writing comes in several stages. Here’s what you should do:

  • First of all, you need to get a clear understanding of the review’s structure. In it, you’ll need to provide a summary of the article; discuss its strong sides and positive aspects; identify inconsistencies, gaps, and contradictions; and find if there are any questions in this article left unanswered.
  • Next, you should preview the article quickly to start identifying its key points and arguments. Pay attention to the title, abstract, and headings. Get a quick glimpse of the introduction, the conclusion, and a few first sentences of the paragraphs. Then, read the article entirely to get its overall idea.
  • Read the article attentively at least two more times. Highlight its key sections with a pen or a highlighter; add your notes. Supplement the ideas in the article with your knowledge of the topic. Make sure you have a complete understanding of the whole article and of all its points.
  • Retell the article in your own words; it’s best to write an outline or a free writing piece. Include the author’s claim, his arguments, and the research. Despite being only a rough copy, this piece should be clear and understandable when you return to it. Re-read and review it, cross out the less important parts. You can use the early draft as a basis of the summary that you’ll need to provide at the beginning of the review.
  • Read the examples of other article reviews. This will help you to learn the structure of this type of assignment, become more knowledgeable in a particular idea of studies, and sound more professional when writing your own review sample.

How to Do an Article Review Outline?

Go through your notes once again. Form your final opinion on whether the author was clear and accurate. Mark or write down the list of the article’s strengths and weaknesses: the instances of effective writing, academic contribution of the study, and parts that can be improved. Look for solutions to the article’s drawbacks, for example, provide data that was missed out.

  • Don’t paraphrase or edit the original text!
  • Don’t provide your personal biased reaction or opinions!
  • To make your review solid, you should identify and discuss three-four critical issues found in the article.

Now you are ready to form all your notes into one text of an outline. Next step will be extending the outline and turning it into the actual review.

How to Write a Review of Article Step-by-Step?

Once all the preparations are finished, you are ready to write the review. Follow our instructions, to find out how to make an article review that’s worth the top grade.

  1. The title. Choose the title that reflects the focus of the review; it can be an interrogative, a declarative, or a descriptive one.
  2. Citation of the original article. Next, you should write the article’s citation in a format required by your teacher. For instance, in MLA, it will look like this: Robertson George. “Dreams and Reality.” California Quarterly 70.8 (2001): 128-24. Print.
  3. Identification of the article. In the first paragraph of the review, you should refer to the author and the title of the article, the title of the academic journal, and the year of the article’s publication.
  4. The introduction. Aside from the identification sentence, the introduction should also mention the article’s main themes, as well as the claims and arguments of its author. At the end of the introduction, you should clearly state the thesis.
    • Avoid using the first person; the review should be written in the third person, in the academic, formal style.
    • The introductory part shouldn’t be more than 25% of the review.
  5. The summary. Include the summary of the article, based on your draft summary and notes. It can take several paragraphs. In your own words, include the key arguments, points, and findings of the original. Be sparing when using direct quotes. Review what you’ve written.
  6. Your critique. Based on your outline, write a few paragraphs, to explain how well the author addresses the topic. Critique is the core of the review. Evaluate the article’s main arguments, points, and its academic contribution. Identify if the author was biased. Assess the article’s significance and relevance.
  7. The conclusion. In one paragraph, summarize the article’s head points, and add your opinions about its clarity, significance, and accuracy. The review shouldn’t exceed 10% of the essay.
  8. Reread your review several times. Look for mistypes, grammar, and stylistic mistakes. Omit the unnecessary information. Check the formatting. Usually, students are required to stick to the MLA format as to the article review format guide.

How to Write a Perfect Article Review Paper?

Now you know how to write a critical review on an article. We hope that our recommendations will help you make it pitch perfect. However, if you need some advice or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional writing help.