With citizen journalism on the rise, high schools and colleges encourage students to partake in this forceful expression of civic-mindedness by crafting opinion articles. This type of academic assignment requires clear thinking and articulate expression of one’s thoughts. Students have to take a stance on political, social, educational, or cultural issues and defend their position by presenting arguments or real-life examples. More often than not, opinion article topics are of students’ own choosing. Some young learners are flabbergasted by the broad scope of subjects suitable for discussion. If you also find it difficult to come up with ideas for your opinion piece, feel free to use ones generated by our writers below.

All the while, plotting out an idea for the article is just half the battle. It’s crafting a worthy and forceful text that might give you really rough times. If you find yourself in such a down and out situation while time to complete the piece is running out at the double, we can only advise to consider getting writing help. There are plenty of opportunities to do that. Yet, we urge you to leverage on them only when failing the task brings more trouble than delaying it.


Now, let’s get back to the subject matter of our article – ideas and concepts of opinion papers!

Opinion Article Ideas for College Students

Practice to write persuasively by using the following opinion article ideas:

1. What are the most important reasons to attend college?
2. Are parents really the best teachers?
3. Why should we sponsor social housing?
4. Should we be sanguine about the prospect of space travel?
5. Is it possible to fact-check our way out of fake news hurricane?
6. Is Elon Musk really a sexist?
7. Is there a place for language dueling on social platforms?
8. What is offensive speech?
9. Will liberal order withstand the onslaught of authoritarianism?
10. What is more eminent: ecological collapse or technological disruption?
11. Muzak vs. silence: Is there a place for silence in public spaces?
12. Can children be held morally responsible for their actions?
13. Is unexamined life worth living?
14. Is there a place for codes of honor in the 21st century?
15. Who are the modern elites?
16. Should higher education be compulsory?
17. Is plastic surgery an ultimate manifestation of the objectification of women?
18. Do we need to learn other languages?
19. Can Silicon Valley giants be considered modern agents of social control?
20. What are the ethical implications of genetic engineering?
21. Is it time to challenge Western notions of the family?
22. What it means to be “an interesting person”?
23. Is artificial intelligence another manifestation of human hubris?
24. Should the Pope be held responsible for transgressions committed by Catholic priests and bishops?
25. How does social climate shape transgender experiences?
26. How can US society overcome its ambivalence about gender?
27. How to overcome white supremacy?
28. Why has racial discrimination survived for so long?
29. What is the role of gender in modern political leadership?
30. What is more important social unity or heterogeneity of ideas?
31. What are the most effective ways to overcome institutionalized patriarchy?
32. Why is leadership still associated with masculinity?
33. Has Trump singlehandedly killed political decorum?
34. Is it possible that the urge to share news is a narcissistic tendency?
35. Why do we need to be more compassionate to deaf people?
36. Why are poverty relief efforts largely ineffectual?
37. Should we set a wage ceiling for CEOs?
38. Can an atheist be virtuous?
39. Why is claiming that universe is designed for humans considered speciesism?
40. Is it possible to create a feminist utopia?
41. Why does hookup culture harm women?
42. Isn’t it time to bring down the patriarchy?
43. Why is it impossible to eradicate white supremacy by ignoring it?
44. Why does our society need more campus protests?
45. Should we incarcerate climate change deniers?
46. Should we tolerate the intolerance?
47. Why is the technology used against us?
48. Is prostitution a modern form of slavery?
49. Why should we support transitioning transgender individuals?
50. Can detached Buddhist feel love?

Good Opinion Articles Topic Ideas for High School

Write your own opinion article on one of the following topics:

1. Selfie culture is out of control.
2. The inherent hypocrisy of Western liberalism.
3. High and low pleasures in the post-scarcity world.
4. Psychotropic drugs whittle down the human agency.
5. The futility of endless life.
6. Human reproduction is not a joking matter.
7. Changing the world by changing ourselves.
8. Mourning is disrespectful.
9. The moral purpose of higher education.
10. Being cruel as an act of mercy.
11. The death of investigative journalism.
12. Bullying is a symptom of endemic poverty.
13. Education is not a commodity.
14. The commodification of medicine.
15. Feeling sad is normal.
16. Let’s ban the word “whatever.”
17. The respect deficit.
18. How to control big pharma.
19. Being a woman is a process.
20. The harms of screen-based learning.
21. Poverty is a matter of perception.
22. The need for trigger warning legislature.
23. The blight of racism.
24. The AI revolution is antihuman.
25. Companionship beats intimacy.
26. Atheists can have mystical experiences.
27. To be resilient is to be heartless.
28. Meditation as a cure for prejudice.
29. Trump deserves leniency.
30. Merits of meritocracy.
31. Sexism cannot be exterminated.
32. The deep roots of bullying.
33. Environmental justice under the Trump administration.
34. All social ills boil down to the lack of empathy.
35. The danger of American right.
36. Harnessing greed to achieve growth.
37. The abolition of private schools.
38. The virtue of self-restraint.
39. The utility of abhorrent beliefs.
40. Self-confidence is a vice.
41. The validity of animal feelings.
42. Multilingualism as a weapon against prejudice.
43. Virtuous animals.
44. Aristotle is still relevant.
45. We need more distrust of science.
46. Video game brutality is wholesome.
47. Symbiotic relationships between bigots and progressives.
48. White privilege.
49. Racial pride shortage.
50. Marriage is a bad idea.

Hope this selection of ideas and topics will help you come up with a killer opinion article that you wouldn’t want to keep to yourself and proudly turn in to your tutor!