The process of studying is not easy and takes a lot of one’s effort and time. To let students realistically evaluate their progress, a system of grades was developed. If you are reading this post, it means you are looking for a way to calculate your semester grades. Whether you want to know your odds of getting into a specific high school or just would like to see if your efforts over the last semester are paying off, we are ready to help you with it. The handiest way to find out your final grade is to use a grade calculator. The Internet offers a great variety of specifically developed online tools that make this process easy. Alternatively, you can calculate your grades manually, but to do so you need to know a number of factors, and the consequence of the steps you should take.

In this article, we provide a review of the top 8 semester grade calculating apps, and as a bonus explain how to learn final grades without the help of such online services.

How to Calculate Semester Grade Using Online Apps

Calculating your semester grades with the help of the online apps is easy. Basically, you’ll need to enter some data – such as percentages of your current grade, the minimum you want to get at the end of the class and what final of your grade is worth. The rest of the calculation will be done automatically and instantly.

Below you’ll find the links to the top online calculators which we have tested and found to be the most satisfying. All of them are appropriate to use for university, college, and school.

1.      Mercer University semester exam grade calculator

This comfortable and simple online tool helps students who think “I want to calculate my semester grades”. The calculator is weighted, which becomes its big advantage. You can enter percentages for every assignment. However, you should be attentive as provided percentage may make the results differ.

mercer grade calculator

2.     Warren Consolidated Schools semester test grade calculator

The aim of WCS is to improve the quality of learning and teaching across the USA. On the site, one can find many great programs, for instance, the one that helps ESL students (both adults and children) improve their language skills. WCS also offers access to curriculum library, departments for student assessments, etc.

The site provides a simple, but effective online calculator, to let one find out their average semester grade. To do this, you need to enter your exam grade and the results for two quarters.

3.     GPA

Thanks to its user-friendly, simple interface and sleek design, this free online calculator is considered to be one of the best out there. Here’s how you use it:

  • Enter the percentage and grades for each semester.
  • Enter percentage and grade for finals.
  • Find out the final semester grade by clicking a button.

The advantage of the formula used for this calculator is that you can get any value, having filled the other fields.

This site provides students with many other helpful resources. For example, you can find college and high school GPA calculators, finals online calculator, and more.

gpa calculator

4.     Shmoop

Aside from having a simple and cool interface, this resource offers a huge variety of interesting articles and helpful materials for students. The online calculator lets you switch from Final Exam Score to Grade calculator.

shmoop calculator

5.     Marion High School

On this site, you’ll see a small and effective online calculator ready to count your final grade or final exam grade.

Aside from that, the MHS site offers useful info to help you prepare for the tests and a guide for teachers and parents on helping their students study.


6.     Hurst Euless Bedford

Being committed to education, Hurst Euless Bedford aims to help students through various programs (including the volunteer programs as well).

The HEB online grade calculator consists of two options – one for junior school and the other for high school students. The difference between these two is that one grade will be presented in semesters and the other in trimesters.

7.     Calexico Mission School

CMS provides a good online calculating tool with basic simple functions and effective formulas. All you need to do to see the results instantly is to enter your final exam and quarter’s grade. You’ll also be shown your grade in a letter form.

cms grade calculator

8.     Newsome High School

NHS site provides plenty of useful information and materials for both parents and students.

A grade calculator is the resource’s handy online tool. Despite presenting the results through Google forms, it works no less effective than similar online calculators. The tool’s test form only becomes more comfortable.

Calculating end of semester grades manually

To get a better understanding of how your final grades are calculated, you can do it yourself without the help of any online app.

Firstly, your professors need to disclose whether they will determine your end of semester course grades during the syllabus or in orientation. You also should make sure you know the exact percentage values the professors assign to each particular area (e.g., participation in class, home assignments, quizzes, and tests). This way you’ll be able to use a simple formula and stay tuned to your progress in studies throughout the semester.

  • Review the syllabus

Look through your syllabus to find the part where the teacher or professor reveals the percentage breakdown that will determine your future final grade. You should note these areas: homework, tests, quizzes, class participation, attendance, etc.

  • Calculate the average

Find out the average for each of the areas designated to be a part of the final semester grades. Such ‘weighted’ grades may include:

  1. Homework
  2. Assignments
  3. Test and quiz grades
  4. Participation in class
  5. A midterm
  6. A final exam.

Now, sum up all your grades, and divide them by the total number of the areas, to find out the average. Keep in mind that the grade for your participation in class may be provided by a professor only at the end of your semester and thus, might be not quantifiable right now.

  • Determining your final grade

Now, it’s time to multiply each grade or average by their percentage value according to their ‘weight’ being determined by your professor. Use these steps for all calculated averages. Finally, add all final percentages to get accurate estimations of your upcoming final semester grades.