The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test) is a crucial test for every student planning to get into the college of his or her dreams. It’s clearly not to be ignored ’till the last minute or neglected. Thorough preparation for the exam seems to be the only way of how to survive SATs and prove yourself.

Sounds nice, though, how to begin studying for the SAT on myself? What exactly should I study? How long does it take? It’s quite easy to get puzzled with all the prospects and websites promising to provide answers to all your testing woes.

Continue reading to find effective suggestions on SAT prep study based on the 7-year experience of a students’ tutor. Here I provide some simple but efficient rules you need to follow to boost your score: from fine-tuning your personal program to in group work strategies.

How to Prepare for SAT Test: Develop Your Personal Program

Whether you are going to study for SAT online, with a tutor or in a group of classmates, it’s extremely important to craft the individual plan that will fit your requirements. All further pieces of advice in this guide should be looked at hard enough and used in the way you, individually, need. No one can do this instead of you because you are the only expert on yourself. Take your time, think ‘How can I study for the SAT? How much time I will spend on it during a week? What am I good and bad at?’ and prepare the personalized program.

For instance, that’s fine if you need to study four times a day and eat the whale in chunks rather than knocking it all at once in a day. If the opposite fits you better, that’s fine as well. Do what really works for you.

When to Study for SAT? Is It Possible to Prepare Over the Summer?

To cut a long story short, it’s highly recommended to leave plenty of time for preparation. If you wish to improve your results by 100 points or so, in 2 months, you can achieve your goal. However, in case you are looking for a more significant improvement, be prepared to allow the time and stretch your preparations out to half a year. It’s not about the essay on biology subject you might rustle up the night before the exam. This will ensure you will have enough time to check all the items on your to-do list, even if it’s letting your books rest for a couple of months.

Ways to Study for the SAT

To start with, if you leave enough time for study, consider somewhere between half an hour and 3 hours a sitting – 30 minutes or thereabouts if you are ready to practice days and closer to a couple of hours if you allow two or three times a week.

As mentioned above, your SAT preparation plan is something to individualize. Small but regular work-sets are enough but take in mind your own demands. Don’t good off in the name of individualization.

Think about combining books, videos, studying online as well as working with a tutor or taking an online class. Set a bit of every resource into your personal schedule. Do not plan reading Math section literature for a couple of hours the same day you have several-hour SAT class. You will shortly be bored and exhausted.

Within the early, more leisure stages of your plan, take a control test once in a month. Later, raise it up to once in a week or so.

Otherwise, if your preparation is more compressed, I recommend starting right away with a practice every 1-2 weeks. Roughly, around five tests within your entire study process should be enough. Maximize the number of tests to assess your knowledge precisely, but don’t burn yourself out. And, of course, do not forget to calibrate your preparation plan based on your results after every such test.

Studying for SAT Exam with a Partner

Don’t go for it alone. Look for a partner (or a group!) and support each other when studying for the SAT exam. Share resources, strategies, and SAT preparation tips. Compete against each other, test each other and, what is more important, sympathize with each other. Think of the SAT as a rite of passage full of a good and bad time. It’s better not to pass it alone.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Utilize your knowledge to assist your partner who doesn’t get that subject or topic and vice-versa.

What Should I Study for the SAT?

Basically, there are three parts of the typical SAT exam: Math, Reading, and Writing plus Language. Sometimes, when students bad at language decide on how to study for the SAT English section, they focus on that one part only. This is where they go wrong. In fact, studies have proved that it’s much better to combine, for example, 30-minutes of Math and 30-minutes of Language practice. This will imitate your test day when you need to switch from section to section.

Conclusion: How to Study for SAT Exam

We know that preparing for the SAT is a difficult and sometimes even intimidating task. However, it will seem much easier with a plan in your head. Remember to assess your strong and weak spots, allow enough time for studying as well as passing tests and think on all the possible resources.

Finally, calm down and take care of yourself. SAT is just a tool to enter the college you wish to attend – don’t let this ordinary exam to own you.