Even the most energized of us have no enthusiasm for homework at times. In fact, there are days when even the thought about doing homework brings us uneasiness. Being a college student, you know all too well that homework motivation is a precious and rapidly-diminishing resource. Even if you have some, the chances are that it will dwindle to a trickle pretty soon.

But there is hope.

If you don’t know how to get out of a motivational slump, use these simple tips. With some luck, you will quickly regain your enthusiasm and finish any homework assignment swimmingly.

Why Can’t I Do My Homework?

To stay motivated even when tired, you need to learn why motivation is so elusive. The reasons for students’ lack of motivation are multiple and multifaceted. Let’s start with the most common ones:

  • Students are not paid to write their homework

A hefty check does wonders to a person’s motivation. If, on the other hand, they have to do something for free, enthusiasm vanishes faster than morning dew in the warm embrace of the sun.

  • Homework is inscrutable

You are not thrilled about writing homework if you can’t make sense of it. All too often, assignment instructions are so arcane, that your enthusiasm slides down in the gutter.

  • Students do not like homework

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

  • Exhaustion kills motivation

Chronic exhaustion makes it difficult to breath saying nothing of doing homework. If you don’t sleep, rest, and eat well, chances are you struggle with writing your college assignments.

How to Do Homework When You Don’t Want To

Here’s a simple way to make yourself work on college assignments: just write something. It doesn’t have to be the whole page nor should you craft an entire paragraph. Instead, write a single sentence. All too often, you can achieve a lot of progress by making the first step. Another way to reduce the homework burden is to break it down to small, manageable pieces. You will find it easier to force yourself to work on it if each step seems negligibly small. To parcel your homework:

  • Read the assignment carefully. Let it be the first step in the long homework writing process.
  • Once you get the gist of the assignment, skim the textbook. Make a note of headings, charts, and pictures to get ideas for writing.
  • Start writing homework by answering one question at a time.
  • Skip difficult parts of the assignment. Instead of getting stuck, allow yourself to move to other areas of your homework. Work on the skipped parts when the bulk of your homework is finished.

How to Find Motivation to Do Homework

Although it might seem counterintuitive, a lack of motivation is all too common in college. Everyone is susceptible to motivational droughts. When dealing with gargantuan, data-heavy assignments students feel, well, less than inspired. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is really no reason why you should force yourself to write. When done properly, homework writing can be a pleasurable experience. However, you have to aim for pleasure. To this end, set a system of goals and rewards. Once a goal has been reached, reward yourself. It doesn’t matter which kind of reward you choose – be it a phone conversation, chocolate bar, nap, or a Netflix show episode – what matters is that you do something pleasurable after meeting your goal. When homework is done, double the prize to form a good habit. After some time, your brain will figure out that homework is a task worth doing and you’ll never experience a shortage of motivation again.

How to Get Inspiration to Do Homework

Useless thoughts and worries balloon in your head and become so consuming that there is no room left for a single idea. At times, it seems that any thought that is not sterile and pointless is banned from entering your head when you try to do your homework. Sounds familiar? If you face inspirational challenges, here’s what you can do:

  1. Listen to music

Music can get you excited and inspired. However, this doesn’t apply to just any music. Opt for relaxing and calming tunes that will help you study with single-minded dedication. YouTube is choke-full of educational music compilations; choose the one you like the most and let your creativity flourish.

  1. Find a place without distractions

Long and pleasant homework-writing bouts are more likely to occur in quiet places. Comfortable study nooks are their natural habitat. If, for some reason, you don’t have one then you should absolutely make it. Find your special study place with no distractions such as television. When writing your homework on a computer, make sure to close unrelated browser tabs. Applications such as StayFocusd and FocalFilter can help you shut off selected websites while you study.

  1. Invite a homework partner

Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like a friend with a can-do attitude. However, make sure that the helper is not ebullient to the point of being distracting. Find a calm and goal-orient friend who is happy to study along with you.

  1. Take study breaks

Regular study breaks will help you regain your inspiration. If possible, try to relieve muscle tension by exercising briefly during the breaks. Physical activity will let you keep your focus and feel awake. A caveat is due: don’t do anything fancy. There is no need for dozens of jumping jacks and crunches. Just walk around or stretch a bit.

The Motivation for School Work is Within Reach

Every time you force yourself to study, your mind is at the center of a clash, a battle between duty and desire. What needs to be understood here is that a victory by force would be fruitless. Do not force yourself to do your homework; otherwise, you will feel empty and dispirited when you are finished. Coercion is not the most effective instrument when long-term success is at stake. Why? Because, with each time, you will like doing your homework even less. Instead, try thinking of reasons why homework is important. Change the way you view college assignments, and they will no longer intimidate you. If you treat homework as a key to personal development, it will turn into your ally.