If you are going to sit the Global History and Geography II Regents Exam, then you may already know that an Enduring Issues Essay is a part of it. As for the majority of students, this type of task might be new for you, that’s why it is important to learn the requirements and prepare for the process of writing beforehand. To begin with, an Enduring Issues Essay differs from any other type of essay on whichever subject you were assigned to in high school or college. Despite having a standard structure, it requires advanced analyzing skills and broad knowledge of the subject to score high.

So, what is an Enduring Issue Essay? To find the answer to this question, you should understand what an Enduring Issue is.

enduring issue essay


An Enduring Issue is a problem or a challenge that’s been discussed or debated across an extended period of time. Such an issue has been attempted to be addressed by numerous societies with a varying degree of success.

Hence, an Enduring Issues Essay is a written piece that explores an Enduring Issue deeply; it’s based on historical evidence and involves your personal knowledge of social studies. The issue you explore should be historically significant and have a long-lasting effect.

The Enduring Issue Essay is the only type of an essay to be included in the Global History and Geography II Regents Exam. During the exam, you’ll be given a set of historical documents (quotations, textbook sections, photographs, maps, government documents, etc.) and a sample of a standard prompt with the directions of what you need to include in the essay.

In order to understand the key requirements in the prompt, you should have a clear vision of the following explanations:

  • To identify – is to name/ to put a name on something.
  • To define – is to explain features/a concept of a thing to make it understandable.
  • To argue – is to provide a number of statements that work as evidence and support the essay’s conclusion.

Now, you can move to the guidelines; read through them several times to make sure you realize how to apply them to your essay.

  • You should identify the Issue by basing it on the interpretation of at least three documents that have historical accuracy.
  • Define your Issue while using accurate evidence from at least three historical documents.
  • Argue how the Issue you chose has endured; you should show:
    • How your Issue has affected people OR in what way it’s been affected by people.
    • How your Issue continues being an issue OR how it’s changed over time.

Aside from providing evidence from a minimum of three historical documents, you should include a lot of additional details to reveal your deep knowledge of social studies.

Further, you’ll find short answers to the frequently asked questions about the Enduring Issues Essay.

How to Write a Brief Enduring Issues Essay Outline?

As mentioned above, the structure of the Enduring Issues Essay is similar to that of other types of academic essays; it includes:

  • An introduction with a thesis statement.
  • The main body that consists of three body paragraphs (each refers to one of the three historical documents you’ve chosen to support your thesis with).
  • A conclusion.

First of all, you should choose at least three documents that match well and make notes on the margins, jotting down all possible issues to define the one that brings them together. Once you come up with the Enduring Issue which can be supported by all three documents, you can write an outline. Expand your notes while following the essay’s structure. Next, you’ll turn the outline into the essay.

How to Write a Thesis in an Enduring Issue Essay?

Let’s figure out how to start your Enduring Issue Essay. Its first part is a brief introduction, which includes a thesis that depicts the Enduring Issue you chose. A thesis argues why your issue should be considered significant and how it’s endured across time.

Make sure your thesis covers the following sections:

thesis in enduring issue essay

How to Write the Conclusion of an Enduring Issue Essay?

Like in other types of school essays, the conclusion sums up the main idea of the whole piece. Basically, you should restate and define the Enduring Issue you chose. Then in a few words, explain why this issue can be considered as enduring. The conclusion should be concise yet convincing.

How to Write a Level 5 Enduring Issue Essay

To earn the Regent’s level 4 or 5, you must conduct deep analyses of the Issue while answering the why/how/so what questions. It’s not enough to just summarize the documents; include as many key terms and specific details that concern the Issue as possible. Stay calm; don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re stuck while writing.

What Is an Enduring Issues Essay Rubric?

An Enduring Issues Essay rubric is a detailed scoring guide divided into categories which your teacher will use to evaluate the quality of your essay and decide on the level of your achievement. The Level of the Essay depends on how thoroughly and deeply its aspects are developed.

Where Can You Find Enduring Issues Essay Examples?

It’s essential to read many examples of Enduring Issues Essays while preparing for the exam as it will give you a better understanding of the essay’s structure and contents.

An online search will provide you with numerous examples of the Enduring Issues Essays that cover most various topics. Aside from that, you can look for prompts and examples in the academic journals of your school library.