Combining college studies and a part-time job might not be easy, but it’s a good way to slash the immense costs of your school. Not all office and other on-spot jobs are good paying, and only a few can balance well with your classes and various extracurriculars. Instead, a remote online job can become an easy and practical way of making money. A comfortable work from home, a flexible schedule, and regular pay are only a few of the benefits that you can enjoy.

If you wonder “Are there any online jobs for college students that pay well?” you should check our list. There you’ll find plenty of variants to choose from. Which of these good online jobs for college students will you choose?

High-Paying Online Part Time Jobs for College Students

Social media manager

Pay range: from $15 to $40 per hour

Today, the majority of companies tend to have one or several accounts on popular social media sites; managing them is a fun way of making money. Enjoy the advantages of working according to your own schedule and staying updated to the most recent trends in marketing.

A manager of social networks becomes the face and voice of a business that engages potential customers through various platforms. Your duties will include interaction with the followers and the promotion of content and deals.

Getting started

Post your resume on several job sites, although we recommend contacting the companies you’d like to work for directly. It’s best to get in touch with businesses whose products and services you already know as a consumer.

Virtual assistant

Pay range: from $10 to $20+ per hour

Use your communication and organization skills to help people with their businesses via the Internet. Run social media accounts, research, enter data, and more.

Getting started

You can find such IT jobs at PeoplePerHour, Zirtual, etc.

Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students

Online tutor

Pay range: from $13 per$20+ per hour

Use your academic knowledge and strength to become a self-employed online tutor. You can teach peer students in your college, offer help to the children who joined homeschooling programs or become an English tutoring native speaker for ESL students.

Online tutoring isn’t limited to academic fields alone: you can pass your skills in anything from arts and music to fashion, social media or even nutrition.

Getting started

Sign up to one of these popular online tutoring sites:, Wyzant, italki, TutorMe or CheggTutors and find students to teach from all over the world. Alternatively, you can create your own educational content and sell it through Udemy or Skillshare.

Freelance Writing Online Jobs for College Students at Home

Writer, editor, proofreader

Pay range: may vary, $50+ per one article

The advantage of being a freelance writer or editor is that you can travel around the world while being engaged in flexible, lucrative work. Enhance your writing talent while having the freedom of making your schedule and covering most various topics. Pick the gigs and set the rates.

You can also try freelance proofreading if you’re good at spotting errors and can make a text sound pitch perfect.

Getting started

A quick Google search will show plenty of online platforms for freelance writers. Such sites as, UpWork and Guru are among the biggest and most popular ones. They offer hundreds of online writing and online editing jobs for college students every day. Besides, there are many resources that pay $200+ per each article you offer them.

Freelance niche blogger

Similarly to freelance writing, blogging may come in the form of custom writing blog posts for online resources. You can find new gigs at such freelance sites as Bloggingpro, Problogger, UpWork, etc.

Alternatively, you can choose a niche that’s of great interest to the readers, become an authority, and make money by creating unique related content. You can earn extra through sponsored posts and relevant advertising. You should also be keen on social networking to find more subscribers and gain passive income.

Online Jobs for College Students with No Experience

Data Entry Clerk

Pay range: from $9 to $16 per hour

Although this job isn’t high-paying, it doesn’t need prior experience or special skills. Basically, an internet connection and a laptop are all you need for typing data.

Getting started

You can find new gigs through these or other freelancing sites: Capitaltyping, Clickworker, etc.


Pay range: from $15 to $25 per hour

Just as data entry, transcription requires minimum prior skills, and provides flexible workload and hours instead. All you need to do is listen to audio records or watch videos, and type all that you hear. As you advance your skills, medical and legal field audios will pay you more than average.

Getting started

The most popular sites for transcribers are Rev, TranscribeMe, Qicktate, and Tigerfish.

Search engine evaluator

Pay range: from $12 to $15 per hour

Search engine evaluator is another simple online job that doesn’t need special skills but is paid well. Major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo keep developing constantly, and permanently get errors and problems that people need to correct to keep them functional.

Getting started

You can find new gigs here: Lionbridge, Appen.

Online Work for College Students That Involve Certain Skills

Resume writer

Pay range: from $15 to $25 per hour

Help graduating students or people in job search with polishing their resumes and CV’s.

Getting started

You can look for the offers at sites like WriterBay or reach in your network and help your friends.

Designer of PowerPoint presentations

Pay range: from $10 to $20 per one slide

Turn your PowerPoint skills into an income by creating presentations for keynote speakers and businesses.

Getting started

Check the offers on Freelancer, UpWork, and other similar sites.

Illustrator and web designer

Pay range: varies per gig

If you’re creative and enjoy working with Adobe PS, Adobe Illustrator, and similar programs, and have good skills, designing logos, illustrations and other types of web graphics can become a great source of income for you.

Getting started

You can find plenty of gigs on various freelance platforms.


We hope you enjoyed our list of online jobs for college students. Not to fall for a scam, we recommend checking reviews on major sites like Glassdoor, before you accept a job.