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We are always on the lookout for student authors. We would be honored to publish your unique insights on a recent academic project, writing tips, or simply things that might interest, inform, and encourage our readers. If you have an interesting story about education, we want to hear it. Write to us at and establish yourself as an influential author in front of our sizable audience.

We welcome submissions on all educational topics. Once accepted, your article will be published on our website where it could be accessed by thousands of students worldwide. Turn your recent aha moment into a teachable lesson and change the world for the better. Your article will be rewarded with full credit. It means that by bringing your perspective on a topic, you can get instant exposure as a writer and even gain a massive following.

Getting Started

This guideline contains everything new contributors need to know to get published on our platform. You are encouraged to read it carefully to understand what we are looking for. Also, please familiarize yourself with stories recently published on Articles Hub: this is the level of writing quality we expect from our contributors.

Articles That Make Us Happy

We are always happy to publish witty, sassy, articulate, and enlightening articles on education and student life. Submissions we accept are written for a general audience of students and education-seeking individuals. Potential fits for publication are well thought-out 500 to 2,500 word pieces. You are encouraged to supplement your article with a custom illustration via .

Articles that stand out from a large heap of submissions:

  • Start with a bang

The first few sentences grab a reader by the collar and gently drag them through the piece.

  • Make a point

An article’s author takes a stance and makes it clear for readers.

  • Have a voice

Submissions that get published are bold, unique, and engaging. They have a human touch.

  • Encourage conversation

A cool article doesn’t read like a term paper. A cool article encourages conversation.

  • Have an upbeat tone

Articles Hub is about having an upbeat attitude. Don’t be gloom – lighten it up.

Submissions we are looking for are:

  • Tutorials

Actionable articles helping students with their projects or walking them through the process of assignment writing (essay, term paper, research paper, etc.)

  • Opinions

Share your strong opinions on student life. Can you back-up your talking points with solid research? Even better!

  • Ultimate Guides

We welcome long articles that dig deep into a subject. These can become reference pieces that students read and reread regularly.

  • Case Studies

Show us what you’ve learned from a research project. Provide practical examples that could be useful to other students.

  • Tips

Have useful insights that have helped you get through college? Share them with the educational community!

Articles That Make Us Sad and Will Be Rejected

We are saddened by self-promotional or sales pitches, plagiarized or republished writing of any kind, and personal letters. Under no circumstances would we accept racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, harassing, mean-spirited or otherwise inflammatory content.

Details About the Process

Those who have not written for Articles Hub before are encouraged to send us links to other pieces of their writing. It can also be helpful to provide us with a short outline of your article. The outline should contain enough details to introduce us to the subject and a stance you take.

When your creative article is greenlighted, we will assign an editor to shape your content up. The editor will make sure that the piece is a perfect suit for Articles Hub and its audience. To make their work easier, you are strongly urged to familiarize yourself with the voice and tone of Articles Hub.

When submitting your draft, keep in mind the following points:

  • You are encouraged to cite your sources. However, note that we do not publish links to personal or commercial websites. It is up to us to decide which links to share with our community.
  • Your submissions must be well-structured and grammatically correct.
  • The publication of a piece doesn’t amount to our endorsement of opinions expressed in it.
  • We do not grant honorariums or fees of any kind to our authors.

We look forward to hearing from you!