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News Article for Students Bound for Success

Articles Hub is an online publishing platform that provides students with instant access to education-related news from around the world. Being a truly modern company, we strive to empower each user and expose them to a wide variety of current news, bias-free opinions, and the latest trends. We want to take power out of hands of greedy media giants and give it back to people. Our reporters round up the most important news events and deliver them in an easily digestible and fun format. Here, you can find short articles about biology, economics, technology, art, and political developments. We believe that education is a fundamental and essential human right. Therefore, we want you to read, learn and grow with us.

News Articles for High School Students

No matter what students do or where they are, they are regularly engaged with news of high interest at some level. On a daily basis, something interesting occurs that merits news coverage. It doesn’t matter that much whether a current news item is uplifting or distressing, if it is controversial enough, it will enter public discourse. To read our well-rounded articles is to equip yourself with a powerful knowledge of all the latest educational events and developments. Current happenings in the world of science, chemistry, economy, and politics among others can influence your future educational trajectory and even career options. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to be in the know. Read our short and catchy articles to be better equipped for both the future and today.

News Article for Middle School Students

Reading current articles on math automatically sharpens one’s perception of science. By viewing interesting stories we offer, a middle school student can also improve their language skills. Our articles are written by learned journalists and writers whose precision in the use of the English language will benefit you immensely. Just pay attention to the meticulously chosen expressions and words to sharpen your own writing style. The use of ArticlesHub is also a good way to expand your vocabulary and become a more expressive writer.

Our resource is a treasure trove of writing and studying tips. The regular consumption of the well-curated mix of interesting and useful articles sets the stage for success in any academic endeavor.

Interesting News Articles for College Students

It is our intention to equip our readers with important knowledge about the intricacies of college life. There are many websites offering college-related content. However, what distinguishes us from the rest is our refusal to focus on controversial and clickbaity content. We are here to keep you informed. Instead of driving traffic with celebrity gossip and political scandals, we attract visitors with high-quality content that can actually improve their lives and educational outcomes. Put simply, we are in the business of connecting students with life-changing content.

Creators from all over the world, contribute to Articles Hub, thereby expanding our sizeable readership. Here, you can find lots of information encompassing the following topics and categories:

Education News

We are your daily source of education news. The rubric features short stories on institutions of higher learning, college ranking, scholarship awards, summer placement programs, student loans, financial aid, and more. College applicants will benefit from actionable tips on how to conduct themselves during admission interviews. Articles on assessment and testing will be of interest to readers who have been accepted to college and want to excel at their studies. Read our stories to always stay ahead of the curve.

Student Life

Here, you can find a regularly updated and relevant array of articles on student life. How to handle an exam season? What it’s like to live in a college dorm? What are the pros and cons of joining fraternities and sororities? Find the answers to these and other questions in this rubric.

Homework Help

The category is curated with college and college-bound students in mind. We publish tons of information on homework in one place. Here you can find everything you need to know in order to tackle your homework: from basic articles on time-management and motivation to complex exploratory pieces on assignment writing. Educational content is presented in an easily digestible format – each article can be absorbed in under five minutes.

Article Writing

The rubric features easy-to-follow article writing guides and tips for students of all levels. We’ve also gathered nuanced opinions of experienced writers on the worthy pursuit of article crafting. Read them to find out how to create opening paragraphs, hook your readers, and edit your written content. By reading our short postings, you will quickly learn how to make your articles interesting and easy to read.

Write for Us

If you are a student interested in writing for Articles Hub, send us an email with your pitch to We support diverse perspectives and encourage our contributors to submit real-life accounts of their educational experiences. If accepted, your article will become instantly accessible to thousands of active readers around the world.

Our best-of-class publishing platform is here to keep students broadly informed and well-educated. By funneling information directly to students, we equip them with tools for success and flourishing. Want to get informed and inspired? You are in the right place!