You feel ambitious and inspired. Everything is ready for a productive writing session. The only thing that’s missing is an interesting research paper topic. This is the part where we tell you great news: we’ve compiled a list of hot research topics for you. Select the one you like the most, and you are good to go.

Interesting Research Papers Topics for College

  1. Environmentally conscious parenting as an easy way to save the planet
  2. Consumption of caffeinated drinks and the pressure to perform
  3. Social stratification in developing countries
  4. Fulfilling job choices as a function of white privilege
  5. Six dimensions of social stigma
  6. Why does discriminatory behavior persist in workplaces?
  7. Ethical arguments against speciesism
  8. Can private contributions to presidential candidates save our democracy?
  9. Utilitarianism vs. consequentialism
  10. Formal vs. informal systems of career advancement
  11. Is it possible to entirely eradicate racial stereotypes?
  12. Why do free markets undermine discrimination?
  13. A case against the animal industrial complex
  14. Why do smartphones widen the generational gap?
  15. The promotion of extremist beliefs on YouTube
  16. Public accountability of healthcare
  17. Health insurance vs. a national single-payer system
  18. Latest applications of virtual reality headsets
  19. The use of VR for the treatment of phobias
  20. Prevention of diabetes mellitus
  21. Diagnostic precursors to diabetes mellitus
  22. Unfavorable clinical outcomes in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  23. A case for aerial culling of wild deer
  24. Substance addiction among US teenagers
  25. Emotional self-regulation in substance addiction
  26. Fantasy sports gambling among college students
  27. Examples of the most persuasive media campaigns
  28. The relationship between alexithymia and criminal behavior
  29. Developmental theories of teen delinquency
  30. The connection between race and police brutality
  31. The assessment of subconscious racist attitudes
  32. The most despicable moments in English history
  33. Pros and cons of the criminalization of pronoun misuse
  34. Causes of the India and Pakistan’s dispute over Kashmir
  35. Economic consequences of the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation
  36. Homophobic legislation in the Russian Federation
  37. Russian military intervention in Eastern Ukraine
  38. Ways to foster post-hurricane community resilience
  39. Can cloud storage be ever secure?
  40. Pros and cons of the three-strikes law

Topics for High School Research Papers

  1. “The Momo Challenge” and other controversial viral hoaxes
  2. Can biodegradable packaging attenuate the problem of marine pollution?
  3. Dangers faced by children on YouTube
  4. Russia’s election interference in 2016
  5. The social value of primary education
  6. Ethical argument for social security entitlements
  7. Value of cultural diversity
  8. Key drivers behind popular social movements
  9. ‘To do’ lists as a productivity tool
  10. The development of the pro-environmental behavior
  11. Cyber-bullying and cyber-victimization
  12. Teen dating violence in the US
  13. Prevention of adolescent pregnancies in the US
  14. Facebook and self-perception among high school students
  15. Fake news epidemic and ways to fight it
  16. Denuclearization in the 21st century
  17. The success of Walmart in the global market
  18. Is it moral to create CRISP babies?
  19. Prevention of police brutality
  20. The history of the women’s suffrage movement
  21. The interplay between power and politics
  22. The downfall of Bitcoin
  23. Do we need to legislate the use of gender-neutral pronouns?
  24. Are the men caves sexist?
  25. Should conspiracy theorist be banned from social media platforms?
  26. The rise of the Flat Earth conspiracy theory
  27. Why is the investigative journalist the most important job in the world?
  28. The importance of wetlands protection
  29. Public perception of global warming science
  30. Social vulnerability of refugees

Argumentative Research Papers Topics for College

  1. A case for gender-neutral language in movies
  2. A minimum wage increase for the alleviation of inequality
  3. Technology widens the chasm between believers and nonbelievers
  4. International child adoption should be promoted
  5. There is no place for homeschooling in the 21st century
  6. Anti-vexing is a form of child abuse
  7. The advent of agriculture has devastated the planet
  8. Libertarianism is the cure to political corruption
  9. Laziness is the evolutionary adaptation
  10. Culture has genetic underpinnings

Fun Topics to Write Research Papers On

  1. The most controversial lawsuits in US history
  2. Male bonding through video games
  3. Gender fetishism in superhero movies
  4. Cultural and historical roots of seppuku
  5. A case for the commercialization of Wikipedia
  6. Pernicious effects of opinion leadership
  7. The history of Brazilian Carnival
  8. Could Hillary Clinton win the 2020 United States presidential election?
  9. Can rightwing populists be stopped?
  10. Late-night talk shows as powerful political outlets

Several More Good Research Topics for Papers

  1. News ways to measure academic achievement in top colleges
  2. General concepts and origins of Deism
  3. Offensive language on the Internet should be fined
  4. Vicarious liability in the US law
  5. 21st-century minstrel shows
  6. Equal cultural exchange vs. cultural appropriation
  7. The economic downsides of coup-proofing
  8. The product life cycle of VR headsets
  9. Practical applications of the Diffusion of innovations theory
  10. The resource-based view of modern economics