Are you used to essay topics being suggested by your teacher? Is it a struggle for you to find interesting and relevant essay ideas yourself? We are here to help you! In this article you will find 100+ best persuasive essay topics on most various subjects, grouped into lists suitable for students of all ages: for 5th graders, high schoolers, college graduates, etc. But before you start looking for the perfect topic, make sure to read a few facts about persuasive essays, to understand more about the process of writing, and make it easy and exciting.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

Students may often confuse persuasive and argumentative essays. Although these two types of written works have traits in common, they still are different. While in a persuasive essay you try to convince your readers that you have a believable argument, and play a role of an “advocate”, in argumentative essays you state your main point, protect it, and attack an alternative view, which makes you an “adversary”.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

To write a great persuasive essay, you should make sure it has these three components:

  • Introduction: a paragraph which opens your essay. It should contain a “hook”, to grab the attention of your readers, and introduce them to an argument, or a thesis, which is to be explained in the next part of the essay.
  • Body: this part becomes the heart of your work. It normally consists of 3-5 paragraphs, with each of them examining an issue that refers to your main
  • Conclusion: contains the illative paragraph of the essay. Here you should sum up all the main points given in the body, and show how they connect to the essay’s thesis. The conclusion also becomes your final appeal to the readers.

Although writing a good persuasive essay takes extra time and effort, and in most cases requires in-depth research, it surely benefits you by improving your writing skills and letting you dive into an interesting subject.

College Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Taking on a cell phone and texting while driving should be banned.
  2. Using a cell phone affects one’s concentration.
  3. Students should use tablets because books become obsolete.
  4. Identity theft is a serious threat that should be actively discussed in mass media.
  5. Children, as well as adults, should be careful with what they share on social networks.
  6. Using social media on the property of school should be prohibited.
  7. Why do colleges apply network filters, to block materials they consider as inappropriate?
  8. Should bullies be banned from schools?
  9. Should women be equally represented on football and soccer teams?
  10. Should the U.S. Congress intact ban for smoking nationwide?
  11. Government should control the breeding of pets.
  12. Government should regulate and tax usage of recreational marijuana.
  13. Racial harassment should be banned illegal.
  14. Should recycling become mandatory in the USA?
  15. People should reduce consumption of meat and find foods to substitute it.
  16. Animals should live in protected reservation areas and not behind the zoo cages.
  17. Keeping animals in circuses is unethical.
  18. Video and online games that promote violence should be banned for everyone.
  19. Should the owners neuter their pets?
  20. Advertising messes with people’s minds.
  21. Alcohol and tobacco advertising should not be shown on TV during sport events’ broadcasts.
  22. To succeed in sports, athletes should have an inborn talent, and not just depend on their trainers’ experience and skills.
  23. Should euthanasia be made legal?
  24. Can surrogacy be considered as unethical?
  25. Is it true that women obtaining the same positions as men are paid less?

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  1. At what age should people be permitted to vote?
  2. Should smoking be banned in all outdoor areas?
  3. Energy drinks are dangerous for children and should be banned.
  4. At what age should U.S. citizens be permitted to drink and smoke?
  5. Alcohol beverages shouldn’t be sold after 10 pm.
  6. Vaping is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes and should be banned.
  7. E-cigarettes shouldn’t be sold to underage children.
  8. Should vaping be banned across the USA?
  9. People who abandon or abuse their pets should be imprisoned.
  10. Usage of recreational marijuana should be strictly limited and controlled.
  11. Gun ownership should be banned.
  12. Garbage containers should become suitable for waste sorting.
  13. The importance of recycling should be explained to children at primary
  14. Every U.S. family should develop a survival plan for various natural disasters.
  15. Ecology should become a school subject.
  16. Non-bio gradable plastic bags should be banned in the USA.
  17. People should pay fines for littering in the street.
  18. Zoos should be closed, and animals should be returned to their natural habitat.
  19. The time that teenagers spend on social networks should be limited.
  20. Parents have the right to control their kids’ Internet activity.
  21. People caught drunk while driving should be fined and lose the license for at least one year.
  22. A lot of lyrics and music videos nowadays promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs and even violence.
  23. Should warning labels be put on fast food packaging?
  24. The problem of cyberbullying among teenagers should get more attention from mass media.
  25. Is it healthy to stick to a vegan diet?

Middle School Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Children should get less homework.
  2. School cafeteria should serve at least 60% of healthy foods.
  3. Children should be paid by their parents for doing chores.
  4. All children should be involved in sports and other activities in their free time.
  5. Children shouldn’t spend too much time on social media.
  6. Can children be allowed to play video games?
  7. Should teenagers get weekend jobs?
  8. How can teachers make homework more interesting for their students?
  9. Why so many teens want to become video bloggers?
  10. Many teenagers become addicted to their cell phones and smartphones.
  11. Why fame is not always enjoyable?
  12. Participating in international exchange programs widens your outlook and gives valuable knowledge.
  13. There’s almost no difference between pranking and bullying.
  14. Girls and boys shouldn’t study in separate schools.
  15. Modern teenagers should choose sports, hobbies and spending time with their friends over social networks.

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Polygamy and so-called “open marriages” should be made legal.
  2. Is testing medications on animals a necessity or cruelty?
  3. Is making recreational marijuana legal a good idea?
  4. Is consumption of meat ethical?
  5. Electroshocks: a mean of self-defense or a weapon that can be abused?
  6. Judges should not make decisions solely.
  7. Having children should be banned for lesbian and gay couples.
  8. Biological weapons should be prohibited in all countries of the world.
  9. No organisms should be modified genetically.
  10. It should be possible to buy HIV tests in drug stores.
  11. Hunting wild animals should be banned for everyone.
  12. Modern women should work for their career before getting married and having kids.
  13. People shouldn’t mind social standards on when they should get married and have children.
  14. Dating at a workplace is not acceptable.
  15. Should young couples live in before they get married?

Persuasive Speech Essay Topics

  1. Is a person’s sex orientation determined at their early age?
  2. Humans have caused all major changes in climate.
  3. Should same-sex marriages be banned in the USA?
  4. Is it possible to solve the conflict between Israeli and Palestine?
  5. Self-defense should become a constitutional right of the U.S. citizens.
  6. The government should ban testing products on animals for commercial purposes.
  7. All countries across the world should aim to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy completely.
  8. The amount of fossil fuels dependent cars should decrease twice over the next decade.
  9. Should churches be assigned to tax payment?
  10. The influence of depression on a person is underestimated and is not discussed enough in the society.
  11. The long-term influence of Wi-Fi and mobile connection on people’s health is potentially dangerous.
  12. Is breastfeeding in a public place acceptable?
  13. Health care in the USA should be free of charge for everyone.
  14. Government should regulate and control gun ownership.
  15. Exercises should be done regularly, by people of all ages.

More Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Religious people and atheists should tolerate each other.
  2. Should online relationships be accepted by society as much as real-life relationships?
  3. Should modern mothers get back to work or stay at home to take care of her kids?
  4. Modern means of communication make long-distance relationships possible.
  5. Does marriage still work in the modern world?
  6. A fence built on the border of two countries won’t solve the problem of illegal immigration.
  7. Education should become free for all students.
  8. The problem of obesity among S. citizens.
  9. Students should be able to pick only the disciplines they are interested in.
  10. Which foreign languages should students study today?
  11. The importance of PE lessons for children.
  12. Can diets affect a person’s health negatively?
  13. Rainforests and forests destruction should be banned and strictly punished.
  14. Modern technologies influence education.
  15. Can people you only stay in touch with online be considered your friends?