The scholarship is a financial aid that is awarded to a student, based on a number of criteria. Scholarship money can count from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars, don’t have to be repaid, and can make a huge difference: for example, it can help you avoid taking a student loan. Sounds great? Then you should try your best to win this award!

The majority of scholarship programs are based not only on the transcript or an application form but also on an essay. This written work allows a scholarship committee to see the real person behind the lines and shows how dedicated you are to your goals.

In this guide, you’ll find out how to make your essay stand out of the crowd of other applicants, and help you win a scholarship.

How to Write an Essay for a Scholarship?

Many students find it difficult to write a great scholarship essay, and you may be one of them. In your written work you need to present yourself, tell about career goals, and apply both to the organization’s values and the objectives of the desired award. This task may not be easy, especially if you are limited to a smaller format of the essay (for example, only 500 words). But with enough time, proper planning and attention to detail you will be able to create a perfect piece.

How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay: An Important Thing to Remember

Just like with applying to a college, trying to win a scholarship is highly competitive. There definitely will be other candidates with the same test scores, grades, and same ambitions, and that’s why an outstanding essay is your chance to makes a scholarship committee notice and remember you. There are examples of successful students who won more than one scholarship thanks to their unique and distinctive style of writing. Remember that originality, inspiration, and dedication are the keys to your success.

How to Write a College Scholarship Essay: 8 Key Steps

Writing a good essay is easier when you have a plan to follow. Whether you want to get a scholarship for financial need or for study abroad, there are some general rules that apply to scholarship essays in all situations.  Here are the tips that will help you stay organized and not miss out anything.

  1. Mind the instructions. To begin with, you should carefully read the instructions and make sure you understand them. Even a perfectly written essay may not score if the requirements are not met.
  2. Manage your time. Many experts recommend embarking on work at least three weeks before the deadline. This way you can dedicate the first week to brainstorming, the second – to creating an outline and writing the essay itself, and the third week to editing.
  3. Write an outline. When brainstorming, don’t forget to write all your ideas down, and then re-write them into an outline or a draft. Elaborate on each point of the outline when writing the essay.
  4. Make a memorable entry. Entry is the most memorable part of your essay; it should drive a reader’s attention and make them want to read on. A good entry may take a while to write, so spare extra time for it.
  5. Do not complicate things. Write in simple, clear and concise language. This will help you avoid stylistic mistakes and make sure that the readers understand your statement.
  6. Mind grammar and spelling. A great impression of your essay may easily be ruined with poor grammar and silly typos. Make sure to check your work several times, before you hand it in.
  7. Get feedback. Ask your family, friends, and teachers (if possible) to read your essay give their feedback. Be attentive to their remarks, often it helps to improve your work.
  8. Read and re-write. Don’t be afraid to read and alter your work. Sometimes, getting back to work after taking a short break helps you notice the slips, and come up with fresh and better ideas.

How to Write a Scholarship Application Essay That Helps You Win: The Secret Tip

The most important advice about writing a scholarship essay is being personal. Choose to write about your own experience – a unique insight into your past, present or future, and show how it corresponds to your drive to the subject you want to study. Personalize your writing, make it exclusive to you. This will make your work stand out of hundreds of similar ones.

Writing a Good Scholarship Essay Is Easy with Some Help

We hope that our guidelines will help you create an outstanding essay that wins you the desired scholarship, but if at some point you need consultation and advice our professional writers are ready to help with it.